Nancy Dudley, Running Cedar Farm



Oct 16


“I moved to this house five years ago, and installed a 13.4kW solar system in 2014. It’s amazing how powerful the sun is in Virginia! 100% of my energy usage is covered by my solar system. My house is in a small town, everybody knows everybody. Because of that, folks are very curious about my solar system, as it’s not very common.  They’re a little skeptical about it at first, especially related to the affordability and ease of maintenance. I’m always happy to tell them about how it works, and how little maintenance is needed! Once the panels are up, they just do their job – generating power – for up to 30 years.”   

Nancy Dudley works at a global nonprofit membership association in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dudley refers to her “hobby farm” as a retirement hobby. She and her husband have a fairly extensive garden and a small orchard where they spend their spare time growing and preserving food. Their farm is known as Running Cedar and they hope to have 400 hops plant by the end of 2016.


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