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We aim to educate the public on solar energy. In order to accomplish this goal, SRI is building out a resource library on our website that the public can access in order to better inform themselves about solar energy. Further, SRI engages with stakeholders in order to facilitate dialogues and provide relevant information so all […]

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The Institute performs important research regarding the current state of solar-related matters in the region. This includes evaluating regulations, examining best-practices, and much more.

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  • Paul Borzelleca, Modern Boy Woodshop

“My bill dropped from $180 a month to $17 a month, which is just the base rate to connect to the grid. I would do it even if it was a 30-year payback just to generate with a clean source.” The Modern Boy system was designed to produce 95 percent of the cabinetry shop’s electricity needs. Borzelleca […]

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  • Phil & Stephanie Hostetter

We first became interested in solar energy when I was working on my dissertation in sociology at the American University. As a stay-at- home father (“revolutionary” in the 1980s), I augmented my academic and child-rearing work with occasional research into solar home designs. We lived frugally but comfortably and were able to save enough money to buy a […]

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  • DuCard Vineyards

We believe that wine tasting should be a great experience — in a great location. So we have designed our new tasting room to maximize the views, with a cathedral ceiling window wall looking straight out to the mountains of Shenandoah National Park. Our shaded side patio overlooks our mountain stream and vineyards. Inside, we […]

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  • Altenergy, Charlottesville, Virginia

Altenergy is a Virginia-based solar installation company serving residential and commercial customers. They have a dedicated team in the state who focus on educating customers and working with them in a collaborative manner to best serve their needs.

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  • Bison Printing, Bedford, Virginia

In November of 2011, Bison Printing in Bedford, VA became the first commercial printer in Virginia to fulfill its energy needs through a major photovoltaic system. Bison’s grid, which covers a 50 by 100 square foot section of the roof of its plant, generates an average 5,000 kWh per month of electricity. This 48KW system […]

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Solar Focus 2015

Solar Focus is the East Coast’s premier solar policy conference. Hosted by the Maryland, DC and Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association (MDV-SEIA), more than 300 attendees visit the conference and attend sessions each year. For more information please visit:

  • Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel 999 Ninth Street NW
  • 16-11-2015

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